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Las Vegas Hotwife


About Me

I’m not your average girl next door. I am better..... I’m a Hotwife.


I’m that married girl walking to my mailbox in a white sheer dress where you can see the silhouette of my breasts rubbing against the smooth fabric, nipples erect from flaunting my ass that is barely covered in hopes that someone is looking out their window at that exact moment. Yes, I want you to want me, crave me, and then take advantage of me.


I have an insatiable desire to touch men who are not my husband. With my hubby encouraging me daily. I want to feel their cock between my legs and their lips wrapped around mine. I don’t care if it's in a car, bathroom, back of a convenience store, or even your bed. I want cock as often as possible. I desire multiple men as often as I possibly can have, the more the better. The more random, the hotter and sexier it becomes. The more I get the more I want.


So welcome to my world where you get to see and feed my sexual desires.


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